Art Quilts for Sale by Kathy McNeil

Buy from me direct. I am a real person who loves to connect to those interested in my art. I would like to start a conversation and find a way to make one of these pieces yours. It's important to me that they find good homes. You will be buying from an internationally award winning textile artist. Unlike many textile artists, I use the time honored tradition of hand applique, sewing together thousands of little pieces of fabric to create a quilt that looks like a painting. No fusible glues to deteriorate and discolor your art piece. These fabulous quilts are truly heirloom pieces for your home or office.

Layaway plan 20%. I can send you close up images or arrange a time for you to view the quilt. We will be happy to help you hang it too.
Please contact me at- 425 870 0955/ or e-mail me at-

  "Sacred places" $6,000
            40 x 45"
 Please call or email if you want me to hold if for you!

Roseate Spoonbills

A tribute to Mothers Natures sense of humor, these incredibly beautiful birds have a crazy spoon for a bill. Their colors astounded me and begged to become a quilt. Mangroves are one of their favorite habitats.
Copyright Kathy McNeil. All rights reserved 

60 x 42

Poppies of Provence 40 x 41
Copyright Kathy McNeil All Rights reserved.
Best Wall Quilt Pacific International 2014

More than a Memory 62 x 52
Copyright Kathy McNeil All Rights reserved.
Multiple National and International Awards. Published in multiple magazines. Four Ghost figures.

International award winners.
Both published in magazines
My Venetian
41 x 45

Celtic Fox
 51 x 58
1st Spring Paducah international
Houston 2017 winner and other awards.
The Celtic fox symbolized a need to think quickly, to employ cleverness and wisdom. Often described as cunning, that word comes from “Kenning”, meaning to know and understand. Shape-shifters, illuminated by the moon, they are associated with transformation and the need to take a new approach to our lives. Silent and Swift, Owls are the Crone Goddess’s  messengers, helping to unmask those who would deceive or harm you. Rabbits are connected to the moon and femininity. They talk to us about conceiving new ideas and holding them in our hearts. In Ireland eating a hare was like eating your own grandmother. Techniques hand applique

Jingle Bells 74 x 56
Sold Now in the collection of Superior Threads
Song of the Sea/ Octopus
Sold to a private collector
Copyright all quilts by Kathy McNeil/ All Rights reserved.

More quilts will be available for sale after they run their 2 year show circuit. If you are interested in a specific quilt, please call or email me. 

Images may also be ordered as a tile mural to be made to your size specifications for the bathroom,kitchen or wine room.