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Contract 2021,2022

Kathy McNeil Art Quilts - In Person Contract   Click to Print this form   425 870 0955

 Retain a copy for your records.




Phone contact_#1____________________________ 2nd phone contact #______________________

E-mail_ contact_________________________ 


List each event

Lecture ($450) __ 45-60 min._____ Please Initial A slide screen, projector table, and a long three prong extension cord will be provided by guild.  Please have a table at the front of the room for sales. 

 Date__________  Time_________Location _______________________________________

Workshops (750.00) /day   (400.00/3hour) (500.00/4 hour)

_____ Please Initial   A slide screen, projector table, and a three prong extension cord to be provided.  

Kathy will need a Bernina sewing machine for demonstration for two day workshops.

Location - _______________________________________________________________


Workshop; 6 hours. ____     2 day____    3day ______         

                 Dates__________        Time______________

ALL TRANSPORTATION COSTS MUST BE PROVIDED. Economy class airfare. I prefer to book my own flights and confirm the price with you prior to purchase. Groups who are sharing Kathy’s travel expenses will be responsible for negotiating the division of travel expenses well in advance. Groups sharing expense will pay for a rental car $28.00/day
Mileage- $0.55 cents/or current IRS standard ( round trip home to airport $62.70 - $125.40).
Parking at Seatac airport - $10.36/day
Baggage fees- $60.00 - for teaching supplies and show quilts.
Shipping fee $25.00 for Patterns required for the workshop.

Lodging and Meals Organization will provide lodging and meals for Kathy during the duration of this contract. Standard Hotel room.
Food allowance Per diem $35.00/day or meals provided by group.

Cancelation policy.  For limited reasons only. Must cancel 8 weeks prior to the first scheduled day.


Signed_________________________________________Kathy McNeil