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American Quilters Society did an amazing job producing my two on line workshops. Audubon's Christmas quilt ,full of many pictorial appliqué tips, and Photos to Landscape quilts. Create your own landscapes from favorite photos.  Download to own. Watch as often as you want. 


Audubon’s Christmas is a delight to behold. This award-winning quilt truly captures the beauty of winter in more ways than one. With quilt designer Kathy McNeil’s help, you too can make this majestic showpiece.  This is a comprehensive appliqué, shading and free motion quilting workshop.
Workshop #2 - Step by step -Turn your Favorite photos into Landscape quilts.
YouTube Trailer:
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Kathy McNeil shows how to create your own landscape quilt using her pattern or adapting her strategies using your own landscape photographs! Learn as you make the project below. Comprehensive workshop on everything you need to know.

Student Comment: "Ive been landscape quilting for almost 20 years now, but even so I love to still buy books and watch videos on how others do it. I picked up quite a few great tips and some wonderful ideas from catheys class. I'm going to try her appliquik and start turning under a lot of my raw edges. She had great ideas for water. That's always been hard for me. And a little piecing in the sky I thought made it quite interesting. I also liked how she looked at fabric, turning bears into rocks! I promptly went out and bought some moose that'll soon be rocks. Cathey lives just a bit north of me. Oh how I'd love to see her work in person. Great class. I don't think anybody would regret taking this class. I'd like a further class with more details like her rock monument. That would be the ultimate !!!"