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Landscape gallery. Copyright All rights reserved  

Salish sisters. collection Sandy McDougall
Best of the Northwest. Sold / No pattern

Crossing Creak, collection Robin Hirao
No pattern


You and Me
collection Rick Van Arnam/ No pattern

Havasu Falls,
collection James Civey// No pattern


" Mother" collection of Mei li Porcaro -

"Sacred Places"  Held in family



Poppies Of Provence,
NFS.  No pattern

Available for purchase
 Best of Show Award winner

More than a Memory,
sold. Multiple Award winner

Spring Harmony. Sold 
Multiple award winner
Artistic License. For Sale
Multiple award winner

The Seasons sold
Collection of Catrina Millikan

High Country Colors 
collection of Helen Pumphrey/ No pattern sold. 

Venice. for sale

Swimming Flowers, Sold

Lightness of being, Sold

Take me there, Sold

Transitions, Sold