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Present from Kathy McNeil's newsletter

Holiday greetings.

Bruce is putting up our Christmas lights today. It is officially the "season of giving".
Despite some recent challenges and continued limping, I feel really blessed this year. My beloved team - Mattie and Big John, startled me yesterday.  I opened the mail and found them on the cover of the new AQS magazine. Yes, we do have to check a box allowing AQS to use the entry photos for publication in case they win an award but nobody wrote to tell me, " Hey, you're a cover girl!" Excellent surprise!

One of the joys of my life is sharing what is happening in my quilting world. Not only do I get to pass along tips, but often I get feed back from many of you.  I love teaching balanced with time to create my own quilts.
From Frances Anderson yesterday: "I took your landscape iquilt class thinking I might pick up a tip or two - wow - or 3 or 100! Great course!" 
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Now for your surprise!!!!
Thank you all for all the support this year.  So many of you wrote get well wishes or happiness for me with the Paducah win. You are the best!
I hope you enjoy " Penguin Delight" my free pattern for you all.
  Click here for a printable pattern.

You will need to enlarge it 150%. I made it with the grandkids as presents for their teachers.  I pre-made the back ground and then invited them for a craft day. I let the older girls cut out the pre-fused fabric shapes. Zach is only 4, so I cut his out but he ironed them all down himself. If you can't find a snowy print for the sky fabric just use old fashioned puffy paint.  They also had a good time heat setting crystals onto the background.
Click here for general instructions.  It includes optional directions for making the card like quilted version. Secret - Stiff interfacing and no backing. 

Apliquick supplies sale
Snow days are ahead with lots of time for quilting so Bruce has put together a Cyber sale for you.

Save 25% on two glue pen refills, plus one unit of the Apliquick interfacing for $10.00. That is a savings of $3.25  
The sale only lasts till midnight the 27th.
Click here to order.

We hope all of your Christmas wishes come true.