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Kathy McNeil's summer news

Hello everyone.

Summer time, beaches, and Reef Safe Sunscreen are on my mind. My good friend Kathy Wylie suggested that, as I was making my Sting Ray quilt,  I do in-progress speed videos so that you watch the process. If you click on the link below, there is a silent video about 10 minutes long to watch. It is silent because of the speed up sections. It would be totally garbled if I had talked.  I hope you enjoy it
 (I lived thru turning under the edges of over 1600 1/4 inch spots to tell you about it!)

Spotted Eagle Sting Rays leap out of the water. Keep in mind that they can be 6 feet across. Scientist do not really know why they leap. They have witnessed them evading sharks this way....maybe they are ridding themselves of parasites....or maybe they leap for JOY like dolphins. If I could fly I certainly would. The finished quilt is called "Messengers."  It is a tribute to the mysteries and beauty under the waves. Coral Reefs are endangered around the world and we can help protect them by only using Coral Reef safe sunscreens. Hawaii has banned all other sunscreens.  Sun Bum is my favorite. Just look for REEF SAFE on the bottle. 

The Cruise, The Cruise
Oh My goodness it was wonderful. It is a real privilege to get to teach on a cruise. It is something that I still can't believe happened to this nurse. We had such a great time. We watched bobbin lace makers in Belgium, had our own special tour of the Bayeux tapestry, in France and saw an exhibition of Paisley weavers in Ireland.  I hope that some of you can join me on a future cruise. Alaska in August and next year back to Europe, highlighting Spain and Portugal, but hitting many other highlights. We start in Rome.

If you want to make your own Octopus coral reef scene, remember we have an octopus and sea turtle pattern.

We have finished filming my brand new DVD project. It is off to the professional video editor for the final mixing. It will include a CD with contemporary filler designs and combinations of those designs. You will hear about the release before anyone else. Stay tuned very soon!

Segments include:
Innovative Design - Unity vs Variety
The Basics - Thread, Needles, Batting, Marking
Machine set up and how to start, Trouble Shooting/ Adjusting tension
Traditional vs Modern quilting designs
20 + Contemporary Filler Designs
Adding quilted pictorial images
Divide and fill those spaces with innovative combinations of filler designs
Sashiko Quilting on your Domestic Machine
Beginning Ruler Work.  

New teaching Venues where we can meet.
Galveston Bay Applique Retreat: February 17th-20, 2020 

2 day "Audubon Cardinals" block or block from "Language of Flowers"
2 day landscape. Choice between 3 patterns.

Ok, that's it for now. Have a wonderful summer.
hugs to all,