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Kathy McNeil's exciting news

Hi Everyone,

That exciting project I have been working on for 3 months is done and ready for you!  Click this super fun 1 minute preview video link. The DVD is ready for order.

QUILT IT MODERN - Modern Quilting is less formal, more fun, and way less intimidating. $28.00

There is so much packed into this, that it became a 2 DVD set, each an hour long, with 5 chapters each. To accompany it, I added a CD with over 20 filler and combination designs, practice sample ideas, and detailed quilting photos from Kathy's award winning quilts for you to print on your own computer.

The two DVD set includes segments on;

Design Process

Basics - Thread, Needles, Batting, Marking

Machine set up and getting started

Trouble Shooting.

Adjusting tension

Traditional vs Modern quilting designs

Contemporary Filler Designs

Quilting a Modern Quilt

Sashiko on your machine

Beginning RULER WORK

                                                Click here to order.



Introducing Alison Bowers.
A big shout out to Alsion for having her unique rendition of my Winter pattern accepted into an AQS show.  My goal as a designer and teacher is to have my students build enough confidence to find their own artistic voices. You will always get written permission by me if you want to enter something based on one of my patterns or started in a workshop with me. 

Teaching tip.

For those of you who have been frustrated with yucky build up of fusible glue when quilting, consider using Lite Steam a Seam 2. I love the tacky reposition-able properties, so I can play with my placement and design but it is also really nice to quilt over - IF - you remember that it is STEAM a Seam.  You need to use Steam when you are ironing down your raw edges. Steam and iron, Steam and iron and that glue will be absorbed and you will minimize that problem. I just finished quilting a raw edge appliqué workshop quilt for the European cruise next year. No problem if you remember to turn on that Steam!

Enjoy those Summer days. If you don't want to start a new project, use some of those orphan UFO's to practice your own MODEN Quilting.
Hugs, Kathy.