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Kathy's fall newsletter

Greetings everyone

My summer ended with a delicious bang of fun trips. Our quilting cruise to Alaska was a huge success. 120 quilters can "ROCK" a ship! Five great teachers and super talented fun students. 20 Octopus quilts were finished in class and 20 Apliquick turned edge Spirit Owls made their party debut. I got to teach my new Modern domestic machine quilting class too. The weather was gorgeous. Remember we only have classes when we are at sea all day. My spirit owl pattern is now available to all. You can place him on a moon, a branch or create your own unique scene for him!

Then it was off to visit two guilds in South Carolina. The Lake and Mountain guild in Seneca, and Prickly Fingers in Anderson were the epitome of Southern gracious hospitality. I hope I see you all again when I teach at the AQS show in Charleston, 2020.

While there I got notification that both of my quilts in Houston won something?? It never gets old. It's a spine tingling feeling, having your quilts win something, but I know from years of experience that all the quilts that make it into a big show are worthy too.
                                                                 Sometimes you just get lucky.

I feel that way especially about my "Music" quilt. You might remember that after the "blood, sweat, and tears" of 3 point perspective in "Artistic License", that I just needed the next one to come from a place as loose as a goose. No pre-worked out drawing, no idea where it was going to end up....just the joy of making bits of fabric into shapes and wacky stacking it all together. Then the dancers cried out to be added. I really love how it still makes me feel. Wild, free and a bit crazy!
Both quilts are FOR SALE, because our other big news is that we are moving to a much, much, much, smaller place.


We currently live on leased land on an Indian reservation. When Bruce built our home, we had 99 year lease in writing. Times have changed and the tribe needs land for their growing community. So the lease was revoked. My daughter lives out here too. Our dream was to find property where we could build a down sized home next to theirs. We could help with before and after school childcare of my precious grand children, and she would help us as we get older. She is a nurse practitioner and has always been adamant that her Dad and I would not be going to a nursing home ever. Well, we just serendipitously found that property. She has moved there already, (taking my grand babies with her).We will build. The permit allows us to build an 850 Sq Ft home. So we will be downsizing considerably. I bet many of you have gone thru this process. 42 years of accumulating stuff. All tips will be appreciated. But the dream is now going to be a reality and Bruce and I are very excited about this next phase of our lives.
The property has room for a miniature donkey.   In a couple more years, when I am not traveling as much..... these little guys might bring me as much joy as my Quilters always have.
hugs Kathy