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Holiday season/ Kathy McNeil

Greetings everyone

November is the month to remember all the things we are most grateful for.  I remember reading an article about survivors of major trauma who had all gone forward to live productive and happy lives. The single thing they had in common was that they greeted each day with gratefulness for something. Such a small thing..... with a huge payoff in happiness.

Bruce and I just got back from a wonderful trip to the Village Quilters in TN. One of the quilters in their guild had a special exhibit quilt at the Houston show.

"Shock and Awe" is by Andrew Lee and Angie Lamoree. (Based on the photograph by Joe Rosenthal). Andrew is a combat Vet struggling with PTSD. He credits quilting for helping him manage the daily, on-going challenge of PTSD. Andrew is very involved with making Quilts of Valor.  Today is Veteran's Day. A day to be grateful to all those who fought for our freedom. Thank you to Andrew and so many like him. If you know someone with PTSD, maybe you could coax them into helping make a Quilt of Valor. The quilts are gifts of healing to the recipients and the makers. 
One of my favorite lectures to give is - " How quilting Makes Us Smarter, Healthier and Richer". Loosing ourselves in the ZONE certainly does wonderful things for our; stress levels, B/P, and immune systems. It also just makes us so much happier, and happier people live longer! 

Tips and tricks to try.

*Window pane those larger appliqué shapes to save on Apliquick interfacing.
*Always rest your arms on a table or firm pillow when you are hand sewing for long periods. Your neck and shoulders will be grateful.
*Try using Sort Quick on your fingertips when quilting. It is made with safe, natural glycerin to provide just enough moisture for a positive grip.
*Save pictures of borders you like on your computer. Photograph your finished quilt top. Audition possible borders by dragging images and stacking them behind each other. 

Ribbons and Things.
The two wins at Houston were both 3rd places for "Artistic License" and "Music". "Sacred Places",  seen below,  won a second at Pacific International, and "Spring Harmony" won a first at AQS Charleston.  So much to be thankful for. Sacred Places has 7 hidden Kokopelli figures. I used 78 different fabrics to give those rocks the splendid rich colors that Mother Nature uses.

A huge thank you to Sue McCann who bought my "Roseate Spoonbills". She is a wonderful quilter, friend, and patron of the arts.

Veterans Day sale!!

All of our Apliquick scissors for all your cutting needs. I love these ergonomically designed scissors. Your thumb and hands will be grateful to you for the ease and comfort of cutting with these scissors. They are stainless steel, with a sharp tip and micro-serrated edges.

For one week only, now until 11/17/2019. 


Thank you for supporting my struggle with the Asian Companies who are ripping off images of my quilts and digitally transferring them to fabric and then selling them!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR If you see their ads come up on Facebook, please mark them as spam and send a complaint. This has happened to Ricky Tims and other well known quilt designers also.

Free Christmas gift

I am grateful for all of you. Thank you for following all of my quilting adventures. 

Ask Santa to give you a cruise with me for Christmas. Western Europe -June 20th 2019.  An incredible 2 week cruise starting in Rome, Spain, Portugal, Normandy beaches, Amsterdam and more!!  Join us for quilting workshops on our sea days and at open sew in the evenings. Bruce and I would love to meet you there. for more information.

Click here for your free Christmas card or wall hanging pattern.

I love you guys.
hugs Kathy