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August Newsletter/ K McNeil

Greeting dear friends.

I am hoping and praying that you are well. I miss you guys!!!!  I have done two ZOOM power point lectures for guilds. They are fun, but not the same as sitting in class visiting with friends who love quilting as much as I do.

Each morning, I purposefully list the things I am grateful for: take-out chocolate shakes, a nearly completed house (flooring next week), deer in my pastures, frogs in the pond, quilting, and of course my families continued good health. But, this is so hard for all of us.  Economic worries, loss of income, isolation, horrendous political and social turmoil. Do we send the grands to school or keep them home, because the vulnerable Grandparents live in their driveway? 7 months in a 34 foot trailer with a 120 pound dog. I am sure you have your own list.  
We are all stressed. Quilting has always helped so much.  But, I had a melt down two weeks ago. The  show quilt I am working on - with a Santa and a little girl was coming along great.... until I got to the Santa's face. I hate doing faces, haven't done a quilt with one for 9 years, and yet am trying to create this powerful image that is a in my mind. Why oh Why?

300 hours into this I can't seem to make the face, so he is headless. What will I name it?
 The face needs to look down, at a slightly turned angle.  After four days of tears and frustration, I have stepped away. Creative anxiety is supposed to be helpful in our growth as artists. This time it is just making me freak out. Next weekend, the kids will be camping, and I will have that little corner in my daughter's house to myself.  I'm gearing up to try again. Hope, Hope! 

As I have said many times - Quilting is not for Wimps!!

So feel free to throw back at me all the things I have said in the past."It's just fabric, this is just for play, do your best for where you are on Your journey." Maybe I can give this guy a head!

Do you need a project to keep your mind busy and relaxed? Do you like puzzles, want to learn landscapes?
I am releasing the Fused Applique Vineyard kits I made for the canceled Spain/ Portugal cruise. There are only 20 of them. So if you want one, grab it now, the Roosters all went within 6 hours .

Includes the $12.00 pattern, and all 22 different fabrics required for your vineyard scene.  Click here $38.99 

1.5  yd. of Steam a Seam 2 was used to fuse all of your template shapes. All you need to do is to cut them out and finger press them onto your background. 

 You will need to supply a 12" x 25" wide sky piece sewn to a 24" x 25" light weight muslin or light weight (no fusible) interfacing.

 The pieces in this scene have been traced and fused to all of the different fabrics. There is a reverse pattern for the poplar trees that still needs to be traced onto the sheet of Steam a Seam that is provided.                                                           

 23 x 23" without border

Road To California.
 I will be teaching at Road this year if it happens, which I am praying it will. It is going to be an awesome get back together blowout at the end of January. I know they are doing some serious planning to keep us all safe if the numbers are such that the health department allows groups to gather. The class registrations will go quickly. So sign up now -

e will keep in touch as things unfold over the fall about cruises and workshops. If your guild needs a Zoom presentation, let them know I am geared up and ready for that. 

Wish me luck on my headless wonder. Stay safe. Huge hugs