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Kathy's Holiday newsletter

Happy Holidays (too early for Merry Christmas/Hannukah)

It's going to be a Zoom Thanksgiving at our house.  Traditionally, I host 36 people/siblings and families for Thanksgiving.

Everyone is sending me two photos, and I am going to create a slide show we can all watch together and comment on. For a hugger type person, this is not easy. But our hospital is getting close to maximum capacity. As you know our Daughter is a nurse practitioner, who cares for COVID patients every shift. She is a blessing in every way. Especially this week as our disabled son fell and broke his leg and needed surgery. Only End of Life visitors are allowed. Really hard on a Mom (me) who can't go see their child. Remember to always send an iPad with any hospitilized patient for face time. At least you can see them and talk or have the nurses help you talk to them that way.

The other family project has been a winter hutch for our two family rabbits. My daughters are so creative. They found a $20.00 oak entertainment center on Craigs list and refurbished it into a - Shoots and ladders play house for the bunnies. Mei Li, Gracyn, and I painted a mural for the back wall. The bunnies love it, and we love having them close to cuddle.
                                  Cuddling something these days really helps lower the stress level.

Zoom lectures.   My Guild Zoom lectures are going really well, the feedback has been great. Thanks everyone.

It is so nice to reach out and talk with other avid quilters. I even get to watch show and shares. (Always my favorite part of guild meetings.)  Many guilds or small groups are doing SIT and STITCH Zooms now. They get together once a week and stitch together while they chat on the Zoom.  If you are feeling isolated, and un-inspired, or just need some Quilt buddy time.... consider starting a Sit and Stitch.  If your guild needs a presenter, I would love to do it.

This year's Holiday Free Pattern is  "Words of Hope"
Click here for photo and instructions.
These little quilt-lits make great Christmas cards for friends. Re-size if you need to. As printed they are 8.5 x 11".
Mine is actually hanging on my refrigerator to remind and inspire me. I just added a new word this morning. Unity. Thank heavens for the Quilting community, where we put our love for creating ahead of partisan politics. Quilters are the best. Unfailing kindness, and generosity. Click here for pattern.

Quilting tips.

Remember that the new more Modern trend in quilting has a lot more straight lines. Circles or square shapes are filled with spirals, pebbles or stippling. It is an easy, more improvisational approach. This is a perfect project for you to practice on.

Jumps are great! Jumping is when you slow down and put 5-6 stitches close together. Then lift you needle- jump across the image, and put your needle down again. Take those 5-6 stacked, close together stitches, and then you are off to the races again. You can cut the threads out later.  See upper daisy.

If you want a full workshop and lots of filler designs, my "Quilt It Modern" DVD is on a big sale. From $28.00 to $18.99 for Christmas. Plays in your computer too.  
Click here.

My favorite Christmas gift!

Put a bug in Santa's ear about something you would like for Christmas-
These new, beautifully crafted boxes are a great idea! They hold all of your Apliquick tools in one place. It is so pretty sitting on my sewing desk. Another little touch of beauty for my day. We have them in our shop now.  $29.95

Click here.

Quilting relieves stress, brings beauty to this chaotic world, and binds all of us together. I am sending each of you the warmest wishes for the season and to get us into the New Year safe and healthy.
hugs Kathy