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Kathy 2021 quilting newsletter

Hello 2021,
May it bring an end to the pandemic and a new beginning for business's thriving, new employment, no long lines at the food bank, children in school, dates with friends and guilds. Bruce and I have received our first vaccine. Slightly more sore arm than a regular flu shot. Kinda sleepy the next day were my only welcome side effects. I hope you have had, or are scheduled for your first one. The roll out is frustrating, I know. It will happen! Stay safe, so we can all be together again soon.

My daughter who works with Covid patients daily at the hospital has had both. We are eternally grateful to all the scientists who worked so hard to make this the swiftest and safest vaccine ever created. If you have lost loved ones this year,  my heart goes out to you. There is nothing harder. We are approaching the one year anniversary of my son in laws death. Only the parts of John that belonged to Mother Earth are gone. His spirit, kindness, and energy to make the world better will be forever in our hearts. 

With that 2021 optimism, hope and prayers  
Quilt Seminars at Sea is booking a December cruise to Hawaii. I am signed up, my classes submitted, dreaming of days in the sun having fun with quilt friends. Great sunrises and sunsets too!   Please oh Please!
      For more information watch Amy Ross's Exclusive Cruises for Quilters video on that website. Scroll down the screen and you will find it.

This scene is based on "Deception Pass Bridge",
  close to my home.  It's the only "sorta" series I have ever done. A very special place for me.
Guess which was done 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  (I mixed them up)

Dreaming of sunrises.....I love the ability to manipulate color and value using pieced diamonds or squares on point for skies. The colors in the sky should be reflected into the water. Going from darker to lighter also is really effective. That same color gradation should be repeated in the water too. 
If you want to try it - Use a grid onto your sky area with the shapes you want to use. Cut each shape with a 1/4" seam allowance. Audition by pining them over your pattern. play with them until you are happy. Use my paint crayons to blend one with the next one over. Paint color across two or more diamonds to blend. I have two great patterns to learn on. 

"Beach Walks" is a great pattern to learn on; simple easy shapes for the land section too. 29" x 35"    
  Click here for pattern.  $15.00 pattern, no kits.

"Penguin Love".
A slightly different construction. Sky diamonds are fused over a solid piece of fabric. $15.00 pattern . click here

Exclusive deal - only 12 Kits.
$52.00. The kits include your 24 xx 26 pattern, all 16 fabrics for your mountains, ice berg and penguins,
70 pre cut, pre auditioned for variety, and already fused with lite steam-a-seam-2 for quick application sky squares.
Click here for these kits. Hurry, they will go quickly.       Click here.

A friend recently shared her new Apliquick project with me. Some amazing, lacy, complex pieces can be done with Apliquick.  Color and print are my first priorities when choosing the right fabric in creating the look I want. Sometimes the "best" fabric does not have the best quality or thread count. 

If you have a very narrow seam allowance on both sides of a piece - shown above red arrow - consider using a drop of Fray Block Check in that area before cutting the slit in seam allowance ....right down the center. Use plenty of glue to sweep every thread over the interfacing to secure. 

With lots of love and hope 
hugs Kathy

 ( Above series 2,3,1 in order of making and learning along the way)