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Kathy's Fall newsletter

Greetings everyone.

I am cozied up by my fire, and it is raining cats and dogs outside.

Actually, I should say raining roosters. A rooster came prancing across our pasture yesterday. A very handsome black and white fellow with an air of confidence. He flew over the fence into our chicken yard and made himself right at home. Unfortunately we already have a rooster, so this may not work out quite as he had hoped. Any one want a free rooster?  Country living has been really interesting so far.  

Last weekend, I organized a really fun for all ages family art day.
We did acrylic paint pouring! If you have any acrylic paints sitting around, Michaels has a great deal on canvas's right now.  Home Depot has the other important ingredient- Floetrol. Mixed 2:1 floetrol to acrylic, you get a pouring mixture similar to warm honey. Mix your individual colors in small plastic cups, and then pour slowly together into a larger cup. Paint a base white or black coat (of same mixture) onto your canvas.  Now FLIP the cup and begin tilting the canvas to make the paint flow to all areas. Every result is different, and everyone had a blast. Zach who is 8 had some of the most dramatic ones.  See my third effort on a large canvas.  There are lots and lots of YOUTUBE videos you can watch for good ideas.


Bruce and I were very disappointed that Holland America canceled the Quilting cruise to Hawaii in December.  Even though they required everyone to be vaccinated, they decided to respect the wishes of the Hawaiian government asking people to put off coming.  I had 40 kits ready to go for my classes.  So we have decided to do two special ZOOM workshops this month and offer them to my cruise class people first and then to all of you second. I have been rather thrilled that Zoom classes are so much fun and well received. (It is kinda fun getting a peek at other's sewing rooms too) Please Join us!
                 There is ONE opening in the Sea Turtle class, and 10 openings in the Octopus Garden party class.
                                           Call 425 -870 -0955 to register or answer your questions.

Octopus Garden party KIT workshop October 11th.  8am -11am Pacific Time 

Concentrate on having fun together with Kathy‘s kits all made for you. Including the eyeball!  Just cut out your pre fused shapes and finger press the fabric pieces to your own water background. Add novelty fussy cut images to personalize your quilt. 

Kit Includes. 21 x 24" required pattern. All the octopus and coral pieces from twelve different fabrics. They have been traced onto lite Steam a Seam 2 and fused to the fabrics. 

Maximum class size 20

  We will send you the Zoom link two days before class

Honu Sea Turtle 5 hr. Zoom class -  8a -1pm PST

 Apliquick tools are REQUIRED  (Some of you already have them). If you don’t, please order them when you call to sign up for the class.  The large body parts of the Turtle will have turned edges for more loft and dimension. Smaller shapes will be fused on, and that's provided for you.

  There is no fabric kit for this class but you will receive a packet to move us along very quickly.
Included - Required pattern,  2 Apliquick interfacing cut out flipper templates. 11 x 17" sheet of light steam a seam fusible with Flipper mosaics already traced, Additional mirror image hand out, (11 x 17”)  for all the small detail fused shapes, a glue strip and and practice Apliquick sample. 

 We will send you the Zoom link two days before class.

Quilting world news.
Market has been cancelled prior to the Houston show, but the show itself and classes are running. Masks required.
AQS has added another show next year in Des Moines in September. 
Road to California has extended their deadline for quilt entries, so please enter. I will be there and want to see all of your wonderful work.

My 2022 teaching schedule link-

Keep adding kindness to our world, and creating beauty.
Hugs  Kathy