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Kathy's Holiday newsletter

Hello everyone!

Bruce and I are plunging into the Holiday Season with a bucketful of thankfulness. Two years ago, many of you reached out with kindness and prayers after my youngest daughter lost her young husband suddenly. We are thrilled to share - she has found love again! They met at a conference on grief.

To be blessed twice in a lifetime is truly a precious gift. So many more blessings. Our youngest grandchildren have received their first Covid vaccination. They love being back in school, are excited about learning, and making new friends.  My almost 70 year old cardiac workup recently resulted in a bit of tinkering, but I should be good to go for the New Year. Road to California here we come. I have two full classes, but 2 others with room. Those of you who ordered Horned Owl kits, they are ready (only those in the class). I also have 3 completely fused, ready to cut out, Octopus Kits. First come first serve on those. 

How is it going for you? Will your families be able to come together for the Holidays?  is your family healthy? I really hope they are. What a difficult 2 years. Do you have enough fabric? (Yeah, that was silly question. An obvious NO!) Winter is setting in and I finished my 7th winter/Christmas quilt. It was featured in the American Quilter magazine this month, so I can share it with you all now.


"The Gift" 52 x 64"

The little girls gift to Santa reminds us all about the spirit of giving in the Christmas season. Crazy quilted little coat with hand embroidery. Hand applique with Apliquick

Note the border embellishments: piping between red border and stripes, pompom lace between top and assembled border unit. 

Embellished Border tips.

I love using synthetic trims with a flange in my borders. Make sure that they are heat tolerant before actually applying them to your quilt.  Slip the trim between the border and the top. Mark the intersection where the trim will overlap at the corner.  Cut it back to your mark  - with an extra 1/4” to overlap the next side. Your goal is to have the trim abutted, thereby avoiding a big bump where they cross over.  Pin baste. Lay border over the quilt top. I straight stitch the pinned border to the quilt top very close to the edge; two birds with one stone. Border and trim attached. Miter borders at the corners. Lift up and snip trim if needed.  See border photo with pinned trim below. 
My NEW!! 14" x 24" Stitching Nutcracker Pattern $13.95.  Click here


Ribbons and Things. 
I was honored to have two quilts in Houston.  My Japanese garden quilt won first place Innovative at PIQF. Another surprise blessing.

Other Christmas Goodies.
Apliquick supplies.

Sale from November 9-13 on Apliquick 3 unit interfacing. $20.00 

Decorative Apliquick tool case $31.25  A beautiful gift!

New fabric paint crayons - 15 colors - a great deal for those of you who already have brushes.  $26.80
These are indispensable to me for shading and changing the value or color of a fabric.

Penguin Love wallhanging kit.  Sale $40.00  (5 left) 
A wonderful gift for a child or new mom.  

Sky- includes a variety of 70 pre-cut and fused squares for the sky. The chilly, dramatic sky has approximately 70 pre-cut and fused squares for you to audition and place on your own unique sky background. Enhance the visual impact of this Antarctic scene, by adding colored re- flections to the water with Kathy's professional paint crayons. 

Land mass and animals. -Kit Includes all sixteen fabrics for your mountains, ice berg and penguins

  Quilting helps de-stress my life. It helps me find beauty, patience, and thankfulness for the things I can control. I know we share that gift.  This Holiday Season - Be fanciful, sprinkle happiness, and hoard wonder!

Hugs kathy