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Summer newsletter/Kathy McNeil

Hi my friends

Hear ye..hear ye...all quilters, my newest little quilter (to be ) has arrived in all her cuteness. I am so smitten. I can hardly even look at my machine.
With the troubles in the world, blasting us every day, it has been wonderful to get lost in the magical world of newborn squeaks, funny faces, and smells. There is wonder, hope, lots of love and kindness all around us. I am choosing to focus on that and the beautiful colors in my garden this summer.  There can never be too many people in a Child's life that love them. My son-in-law's mother and I have a new, wonderful, cross country friendship too. She gets it when I send her ten pictures a day!

Born in the year of the tiger. Hear her roar! (well.. make adorable coos and gurgles)

Turning 70 - yup, that happened too.
I'm ok with sagging body parts, well earned wrinkles, and thinning gray hair, but Lordy I wish someone would give me a new pair of feet. I am planning to do more zoom lectures and workshops next year... than in-person trips. I will be offering scheduled Zoom workshops in my upcoming newsletters, so if you want to save money on hotels and airfare, show up in your jammies - join me.  We will have a good time. (I have been thrilled with my new dance camera and Zoom workshops over the last two years)  We can do this!
Time to slow my caboose down! 

I am still offering hugs if we get together at:

AQS Grand Rapids this August

Adventure with Kathy and Bruce 2022
November 27th-December 7th
Christmas Market tour to Germany and 3 days Northern lights in Iceland.

And I will be teaching at the AQS Paducah show next year. 

Inflation and shipping delays
It's horrible isn't it? We are holding on to our current prices, even though our costs are increasing.  We still ship within 24 hours and most of the time the U.S postal service gets it there in a reasonable time period.

Bohin in France supplies our glue pens and refills. I love their glue. It glides on so smoothly and the refills are the cheapest I can find for you - plus the glue sticks so well that you use less......but they are raising their prices and going from the two pack refills to the fives. We will have to switch over this fall and raise our prices a bit. But, in the mean time, we want to offer you a summer sale so you can stock up too, before the price increase.

Double glue refills that fit sew line, Bohin, Fons and Porter glue sticks normally $5.25 now on sale for
$4.25 - a dollar savings.

Ten of those double packs normally $52.50  now on sale for $40.00
 click here

if your glue pen or glue line is drying too saucily this summer - prepare several pieces and open the cap of your glue pen and up end it in a jelly jar with a moist makeup pad/sponge. The extra moisture will soak in to the end of the pen and keep it from drying so quickly

Have a wonderful summer. Be careful of the heat and let me hear from you now and then.

Hugs  and warm wishes