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Spring newsletter Kathy

 Spring blessings and new creative beginnings to all of my quilting friends. 

The nightly frog symphony has returned to our pond! Daffodils are popping up all over the yard. A quick 20 minute ride, brings me to glorious fields of daffodils grown in the Skagit Valley. I am a-"glow" with new creative energy and ideas.Time to rock and roll after my winter slugfest!
                                          For those of you still in snow, or torrential rain, keep the faith, Spring is coming.


What do all these pictures have in common?  Eye popping warm colors. Yellows, oranges, and rust play so well against cooler greens and blues. My newest quilt, titled "Wetland Romance", celebrates love in the swamp. YES, I am getting weirder and weirder with age.  The best part of that is it's so much fun. No trying to fit the mold, just embracing my crazy side with abandon. My sisters will tell you that my creative outlet as a child was mischief. Ahh....The grands love their crazy Oma, but I do get the inevitable eye rolling from my daughters.

You may remember I was trying something new with this quilt. The entire sky and water background is one piece, hand painted by me with water color paints. Resource alert. Cotton. Sateen - Dharma trading - prepared for dying fabric. They have great fabric paining tutorials too.

All the pictorial elements are hand appliquéd to that background and then the border was added.  Apliquick was essential for all those turned edge tiny branches. White piping was included in the border design and it can easily be found on Etsy in yardage. 

You guys are the first to see it. I will eventually put it in a show, but right now I am loving it on my wall.  We need to name my couple....Any ideas?

This months promotion is the New Beginnings "Language of Flowers" block.
It includes yellow Daffodils denoting spring, Cherry Blossoms for spirituality, and butterflies representing transformation.
The block measures 14¼" x 17¾" including the lacy appliqué border surrounding the oval bouquet center. Great as a wall hanging, a decorative pillow case, or a gift. 
Detailed instructions are included with the pattern, including diagrams for embroidery accents.  On sale this month-  Normally $13.95.
Now $10.50.

There is a FREE 14 minute video on my site, demonstrating the Apliquick technique and tips for this pattern's assembly - Title "Unit Applique".  Scroll to bottom of the free videos and you will find it.

April is spring in Paducah. All of my classes are full except for a workshop Monday before the show opens. Tuesday is the awards ceremony and I get to announce the winners who blew our minds with their quilts this year. Every single quilt in this show is a winner. The diversity of styles, the level of mastery, unique new designs. Oh, it is a wonderful place to be with spring fever.

Have a colorful, creative spring.
Lots of hugs