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Slide into Fall newsletter/D

Fall greetings my friends!

I actually am thrilled with the coming of fall this year. More livable temperatures, less crazy, busy activity. My gorgeous flowers are fading, but the grands are back in school and it's time to settle into a new project! Quilting is my happy place. The place that I go to relax, to renew, and to dance when it is finally all coming together. Time for me to push the worries of the world away, and get into that 'flow state".

"Flow" is when that creativity faucet in your brain opens. Much like a rush of running water, flow is the current of your creative energy. That focused state facilitates our best ideas and inspiration. Some people refer to this mental state as “being in the zone". The American Heart Association says that up to 80% of visits to our primary care doctors are associated with unmanaged stress. When you are in the Zone, studies have shown that your heart rate drops, your blood pressure goes down, and your Dopamine levels go up. Dopamine is the Happiness hormone that floods our brains when we experience that state of flow.

I WANT THAT, for all of us. Happiness is finding creative expression in quilting. Happiness is our supportive community of likewise passionate friends to share that with. And happiness is that we create beauty, while sharing our talents and kindess with others.

I really needed to start something fun, to balance out the news cycle every morning. "Don't worry, Be happy" is my new project; featuring 5 happy giraffes and two ostriches. My grands have each claimed to be one of the characters. Gracyn told me that her ostrich simply must have a crown. 

To jump start your Fall flow........ Bruce is putting all of our Landscape patterns and several others on sale for two weeks.  Jump into the happiness current with me. 

Kathy's Pattern sale-

Featured student work. Judith Ross began this original composition from a photo of her grand daughter in one of my workshops. It is just awesome. Send me pictures of your quilts you guys. I love to see what you have made in one of my classes.

Save your pennies - New Zealand, Australia Quilting Cruise. March 23 - April 6th with me and Gyleen Fitzgerald 

Quilt Seminars at Sea .....  for pricing information, ports visited, classes offered when at sea ( not when in port)

They just added a land extension when we dock in Sydney -  2024 Australasian Quilt Exp in Melbourne, for an exciting 4 day convention! Take it all in with your included Gold Pass where you can experience quilting classes, lectures, exhibits and a fun-filled exclusive Gala Dinner.

 Click here for more information ..........on the land cruise portion. 

Hugs to all. I appreciate you so much.