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Seasoning greetings!

Houston, it was amazing. Wow this art form just continues to evolve and grow. So much variety! My friend Kathy Wylie hit the ball OUT OF THE PARK this year. Take a look at her Master's award winning quilt. "Beauty in the Broken".  Yes, the border is see thru! In fact everywhere you see black is because you are seeing the black drape behind the quilt. She used Apliquick appliqued units to make each shape.... and then made it again in reverse and hand appliqued the two shapes together front and back. Go to her website to see more about her and this technique.

A lot of quilting is simply about "What if?"

What if I put these three analagous colors together with an accent color to give it a punch? What if I add strands of embroidery floss or silk ribbons to give it extra texture? The what if's  keep it exciting with each new quilt.  Try new things, new color palettes, new technqiues.  
What if I cut it up and put it back together in different way?  That is what I did with my quilt called " Spring Harmony". Initially the idea was to create a normal landscape featuring a japaneese garden. As I whiled away the hours in creating it's beautiful spring colors, the idea of a Tori gate border kept coming back to me. How would that look?

So I took the big what if challenge and rotary cut the completed 600 hours of work/quilt top into three sections. Then I staggered the panels and framed each one. The center panel hosted a top Tori gate header. (That header is supported with two layers of Apliquick interfacing to give it some body.) The quilt hanging sleeve goes across the top of the quilt that includes all three panels. 


I did it!!!! It worked and gave me that thrill you get when things come together and somehow your vision is becoming a reality. Lots of angst in the process, but those highs are addicting and inspiring. With each little triumph, my confidence grows. What if it doesn't work? Well that happens too. Rats! What haven't I tried yet? With a bag of cheetos, a long look at those adorable grand kids on my refrgerator, and a nature walk, seems possible to just try again tommorow.     It is all just play time and sometimes amazing things happen.

Without anything ready to put in the judged show in Houston this year, I choose to enter the special exhibit of Landscape quilts. Low and behold when I went to say hi to my baby, it had a big red sticker on it. This grand experiment had found its way into another's heart. Marked sold.  How can I sell them? (Remember guys I am on my 92nd show quilt right now).  If the magic that inspired me, reaches out and touches someone else.... something really big is shared. I am honored, thrilled, and really really grateful. 

Vendor search.

When I go to the bigger shows, I am always on the look out for the next great tool or product that will help us in our creativity. There really wasn't anything new, that had everyone crowded around, or appeared in everyones bag. Instead there were a lot of clothes boutique type booths.   I will keep a look out though. 

What tools can't I live with out?

1st on my list would be my Apliquick small 4" scissors.  I cut so many small, complex shapes. When students try cutting out small  shapes with normal size cutting scissors, it just makes me cringe. SO MUCH harder with those big scissors. The Apliquick scissors have serrated sharp tips that hold onto the fabric as you are turning the corners. They have the ergonomic three hold design that allows our thumbs to relax in a much more natural position. They have made a big difference to me on long applique afternoons.

I talked Bruce into putting them on sale, if you don't have them to take us into the winter project season.

SALE  $30.00 for one week. Normally $36.00

I know you will be needing lots of glue refills too. One week! Glue refill pack of 5 - $10.10 Normally $12.10.

See above link.


Once a year I give away a new free pattern for the holidays, because I am so grateful for your support over the years. Not a week goes by that I don't remember how many blessings have come my way from being a quilter. So may this holiday owl bring you many blessings from Bruce and I.

Stay healthy, and busy thru the season. Lots of hugs