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Spring ahead/Kathy's newsletter

Greeting my friends.

I am soooo ready to spring ahead. The older I get, the more I value the longer rays of light, the return of vibrant colors and time spent out doors.  Actually we have blooming daffodils that valiently shot their heads thru that last bit of snow. I hope the promise of spring has arrived at your house too. 2024 began in the best possible way for us with the addition of a new grandson. I could rock him forever and marvel at his tiny perfection.  


Road to CA was at the end of January and "Wetland Romance" garnered a pretty second place ribbon. I tried to capture that sense of wonder and delight that all new life inspires.  It all began so magically and then with a bang ......getting older kicked me in the tail. Years of lifting patients, lugging suitcases across the county, and dancing with toddlers crashed my back big time. For two weeks I could not stand for more than 5 minutes. How was I going to teach on our Quilt Seminars at Sea cruise to N.Z and Australia.? (I have 40 intrepid and excited students coming.) Visualize your instructor laying on the floor with a megaphone or laying on top of a table like a Ruebens painting. Nighmare stuff. Thankfully high dose steroids have kicked in and we are good to go - the stuff of dreams! 

Sneak Peak

Guess what I am working on????.

Hint. It has as many spots as I seem to have these days. This quilt will be called "Don't worry, Be happy."  In no way a sophisticated piece of art. More along the lines of entering my second childhood, but boy oh boy it's been fun. Remember how I say that, "I always try to include one challege to myself in each new project"?

This challenge is bubbles!  How do you make bubbles with fabric? Challenging yourself, taking risks, and working outside your comfort zone is important in developng your technical skills, as well as your artistic skills.  So how are those bubbles going? Well, lets say,  I haven't nailed it yet....but I have a handle on what DOESN'T Work. :)

Releasing teaching videos

Because i have retired from teaching workshops across the country, I have decided to release some teaching videos to my loyal subscribers.  One of my most popular classes was from my Blue Heron pattern. $13.95


Click here for the video link that teaches how this all goes together. 

N.Z, Australian quilting adventure

I will have stories to share when we all get back. I love, love quilting cruises with my own enthusiatic tribe sharing the ship. 

Lots of hugs. Stay healthy and have a colorful spring.