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Kathy's Accomplishments

Museum exhibitions

LaConner Quilt Museum Solo show spring 2016

Latimer Textile Museum, solo show 2011, 2007

 Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum permanent collection.  

 Cannon Beach Historical Museum  solo 2008

 Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, Solo exhibition 2006

 LaConner Quilt Museum, 2006 "Three Perspectives"

 Museum of the American Quilter's Society, Paducah, KY, Solo exhibition 2006
 Gifts of Love 2005, “Power for Change” 2004, "New Quilts from Old Favorites" 2004

 LaConner Quilt Museum, Solo 2004

 Shelburne Art Museum,  2004

 Edmonds Art Museum Solo, 2005

San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, 2001 Wide-angle exhibition

Quilts in Corporate Collections

Superior Threads - corporate headquarters, Utah, two quilts

Providence Clinic - Everett WA

Mark Twain Museum and boyhood home - Hannibal, MO

Marine Mammal Center - Sausalito, CA

Falls Mill Museum - Bellvidere, TN
Polar Bear International - MT

National Quilting Judge

Road 2 California 2010, 2013, 2017, 2022

AQS 2014, 2015, 2017, 2022
Indiana Heritage 2008, 

Northern California judging workshop and certification.

Kathy teaches for Quilt Guilds, Shows, and on quilting cruises internationally.


Innovative Quilt Border Designs, Digital and Paper back 2016
Landscapes by Kathy McNeil published by AQS 2015
500 Traditional Quilts. 2014 By Lark Books.
500 Art Quilts 2015 Lark Books.


American Quilters series of 5 articles 2024
American Quilter 2023 calendar.
German Professional Patchwork Magazine March 2021- feature 5 page article
American Quilter magazine Nov. 2021
American Quilter Cover and feature Article Jan 2018
American Quilter  2014: 2015, 2016 Spring Edition. Song of the Sea, More than a Memory 
Art Quilting Studio Autumn 2018

2013: Winter Quilting Audubon's Christmas

Quilter’s World Winter 2014 pattern for Angels among us and photo of Jingle Bells.

Machine Quilting Unlimited Winter 2018 late 5 page article on " All you need is Love"  BOS quilt
2017 article on Innovative borders.
2014, 2016 Cover photo and featured artist,

Quilt Life 2014, 2013: Feature article. 

Quilt World 2013: Feature article on Kathy's quilts and pattern- Tea for Two

Patchwork quilting Australia,  Feature artist article.

Quilt It  2013 2014:   Panda perfect photo : Gathering Inspiration full page. Winter Edition Photo finish

The Quilter 2012: Featured artist.

Center fold Quilt Life:December AQS 2012

Fon’s and Porter Magazine: 2009, 2011 Machine Quilting- January 2010 Quilting the Pictorial Quilt

Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine:  March 2012 Photo Finish, April 2010 Front to Back Pictorial Quilting,  December 2007 Featured artist 2002 December cover Photo, April 2007, May 2004, January 2004, December 2003, Photo Finish 2008

New Quilts from Old Favorites, National Quilting Museum book 2010 and 2011

500 Art Quilts by Lark Books. 2010 500 Traditional Quilts by Lark Books 2014

American Quilter’s Society Engagement Calendar 2013, 2005, 2007

Quilter Magazine Photo finish 2008

 American Quilter: 2007 Spring, 2003 Winter

 Adoption Today, August 2006

 Storm at Sea New Quilts from Old Favorites: Book AQS 2000

National & International awards

Wetland Romance
Best domestic machine wall quilt Paducah 2024 $3,000 award
2nd place Naturescapes Road to CA 2023

3rd Innovative Mid Atlantic 2021

Spring Harmony
Ist place innovative Pacific International
3rd place Spring Paducah, AQS show
1st place AQS Charleston 

IQA Houston show 3rd place whimsical 2019
Judging room award Road to CA international show. 2019

Artistic License
2nd place Houston 2019
2nd place Road to CA 2019
Photographer Merit award. MQX 2019

All you need is Love.
Best of Show Fall Paducah 2017
1st Place Road To California 2018

Best wall quilt Mid Atlantic 2017

Best of the N.W
1st place Pictorial AQS Paducah 2017,  
Best wall quilt Pacific International 2016

Celtic Fox -
 1st place wall AQS Paducah 2017, 2018 2nd Road to California
1st place Houston 2017, 2nd Mid Atlantic 2016

Song of the Sea-  
AQS Paducah 2016 3rd, Director's Choice Road to CA 2016, Best original design Syracuse and Chattanooga AQS 2015, Best Wall Quilt PIQF

Language of Flowers -
AQS Paducah 1st AQS Grand Rapids, 2016, 2nd, AQS Lancaster 2016,
Best pictorial Mancuso 2015, 2nd Traditional Road to CA 2016

Reflections -
 Best of Show Mancuso 2015,  Best Pictorial, Quilt Odyssey 2015. 2nd place Applique HMQS 

Dancing Cranes - 1st AQS Albuquerque 2015

Poppies of Provence - Best Pictorial Pacific International 2014

High Country Colors3rd place AQS Phoenix, Rd 2 California 2015, 2nd  Innovative, Denver National 2014

Havasu Falls- 1st place Nature scapes Road 2 CA 2014, IQA 2015

Jingle Bells - Viewers Choice AQS 2015, Viewers Choice, Directors Choice Road 2 Ca 2014,  Viewers Choice Mid Atlantic 2014,  Judges choice PIQF 2013

More than a Memory - 1st Place Pictorial Pacific West 2013 2nd place Innovative Pacific Int 2012, Best of Show LaConner Quilt museum festival, 2nd Place AQS Phoenix 2014, 2nd Place AQS Charlotte, 2014, Honorable Mention AQS Paducah. 2013

My Venetian - 2nd place wall Mid Atlantic 2013, 2nd place Road 2 CA 2014

Audubons' Christmas- 1st place Place Paducah AQS 2012, Viewers Choice Award!,2nd place applique Pacific West 2013,  3rd place applique Road to Ca 2012

Jelly Snacks - Honorable mention Paducah AQS 2012

Christmas Piper- Grand prize- Quilt Ireland.

Natural Wonders -IQA Houston 2012 1st place Naturescapes,  Best Wall Quilt AQS Des Moines 2013, BEST OF SHOW RD 2 CA 2011, IQA Houston 2012, 1st runner up to Best of show. PIQF 2010, Judges choice Indiana Heritage 2011

Heron Happiness - 3rd place AQS Paducah, Best Innovation in Design 2011 Indiana Heritage, 1st place Road to California wall applique, 1st pace applique Quilt Odyssey 2010

Milkweed for Monarchs - 2nd place wall quilt PIQF 2010

Panda Perfect - 2nd place Pictorial Road to CA 2011

SunFlower Duet - 2nd place New quilts from Old favorites National Quilting Museum

Feathered Friends-1st place Large Lancaster 2010 AQS

Pass it on- Best Machine Workmanship Denver National 2010, 1st place applique Indiana Heritage 2010. Best Pictorial Quilt Odyssey 2010, Viewers Choice, Quilt Odyssey 2010

Spring Rituals- Best Machine workmanship Denver National 2008

Crossing Calamity Creek- Best Pictorial Quilt Odyssey 2009, Best Pictorial Mid Atlantic 2010

Monkey Business at Grandma’s - 1st Place Group. AQS Des Moines 2008

Take Me There -1st Place Nature-scapes  Road to California 2009

Much Ado About Nothing - First Place "Mixed Techniques" Road to California, 2008

 Finders Keepers - Best Pictorial, Road to California, 2008, People’s Choice LaConner Quilt Museum Festival 2008

 Gone Fishin’- Best of Show Pacific International 2007, 2nd place Pictorial Quilters Heritage 2007

 Courage- First Place Professional. The Applique Society show 2007, Best Wall Quilt: Quilt Odyssey 2006 Mixed Techniques, Mayor's Choice Quilting on the Waterfront 2006

 Sagacious Sisters-2nd Place ~ Group Category, American Quilter's Society Paducah Show 2006

 Sometimes I Wish- Pacific International Quilt Festival, 2005 Best Wall Quilt

 Night Before Christmas- Road to California National Show 2005 - 2nd place,  The Appliqué Society Quilt Show 2005 - 2nd Place Place Vermont Quilt Festival 2005 - 2nd Place,  Quilt Odyssey 2005 - 3rd Place Wall

 Catrina’s Firebird -Pennsylvania National 2004 – Best Machine Quilting

 Mother India- Pennsylvania National 2004 – Wall Quilts 3rd place

 Ode to the Wind and Waves -AQS 2000 Storm at Sea, New Quilts from Old Favorites – 4th place

 Memories of You and Me- Indiana Heritage Wall Quilt 2002 – 2nd place

 Christmas in the Forest- Mid Atlantic Quilt Show 2002 - Viewers choice Road to California Show 2002 - Outstanding full size quilt, 1st place

 Tudor Romance, Innovations 2005 - First Place, Teachers Category, The Appliqué Society 2005 - 1st Place, TAS Viewers Choice 2005, Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine Heritage Contest. 2001