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Coastal memories


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Coastal Memories - Fuse or turned edges/your choice
If you are using this for a class project -Before class-Straight piece the sky to the water.
The water section can be made of multiple fabrics that are strip pieced or appliqué together with slight curves. To create a greater sense of distance start with light color water fabric by the horizon line and work towards darker water fabric in the foreground. Sky is 33 x 7. Water is 33 x 15.5 Fabric - Multiple small scale flower and foliage prints. The scale of the flowers should be quite small. Landscape fabric panels with clumps of flowers, grasses and rocks work well also. Yardage will be determined by how much you need to fussy cut flower and foliage clumps from the panel or multi scene area of the fabric. Foreground flower clumps are no more the 4 inches wide by 3 inches high. You will need multiple little clumps. Small scale tree fabrics from which to fussy cut little trees. 3-5 of different rocky cliff fabric 12 inch squares. Medium to light prints. 2 distant hills fabrics 1/4 yd ea. Muted colors. Light green grass top of cliffs. 3 x 12 inch rectangle for