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New Blessings.


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Award-winning designer and quilter Kathy McNeil captures the miracle of new beginnings as the parents and grandparents greet the most recent additions to this quail family. Applique using your preferred method and add beautiful embroidered embellishments to create this picture of new blessings to come. Finished quilt is about 40" X 24".
"Kathy, I got the dandelion fabric and have been working on "New Blessings"
I knew I liked the pattern from the first time I saw it. It is even more fun trying to piece everything and do all the different techniques involved. Thank for your help with the dandelions". 
  If you need help with applique techniques consider adding my 1 hr and 45 minute DVD on "Multiple ways to Applique." It demonstrates 5 different methods of applique. Sizing and Starch is my go to method for simple shapes like leaves, that do not need to be precise.  Freezer Paper allows you to make sure that you get a birds head to look like the pattern.  Needle Turn is the only way to deal with tiny complex edges. Fused saves time and may be the only reasonable way to make a tiny eye or little branch that is too small to turn under your edges. Machine Applique gives added definition and can be used for turned under edges or raw edges.