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Spirit / Horned owl pattern

7.5” x 11” tall owl  Appliqué background, use a 9 x 12” block or create the background scene of your choice.

 Let this wise old owl teach you how easy appliqué can be. Learn to turn your edges with the new Apliquick system. Your edges will be turned over Apliquick interfacing, which remains in your piece. The interfacing   creates additional dimension and loft to your beautiful owl.  Precision with small shapes has a swift learning curve with this system.  Enhance the visual impact of your owl by adding details with embroidery stitches. She will be created as an independent unit ready to fly onto any block or scene. As personal totems, Owls offer inspiration and guidance necessary to explore the magic of life.


 Use your favorite appliqué method. The numbers, suggest the order in which to add the layers. Watch a free video using the EASY, new Apliquick method -