Learning Landscapes book


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Book Description: Experience every season with these fabulous landscape quilts! Four lovely full-size patterns include a spring cottage, fall mill and water wheel, a summer lighthouse, and a winter cabin. Kathy McNeil, an award winning quilter, teaches you how to build a landscape quilt. Use your favorite method of applique and learn several techniques to make one or all of these four seasonal designs. Be inspired through every season as you take these designs and make them your own! This book includes instructions for all the patterns.

If you wish you were making one of these quilts in a workshop with me right there to help, consider buying the combo pack of book and 1 hour and 55 minute DVD. You will watch me build every morsel of all 4 quilts step by step. Additonal segments include: Important design tips for landscapes, choosing fabrics for landscapes to create depth and dimension, a demonstration of painting on your fabrics to enhance high lights and shadows, turned and finished edges by hand or machine, raw edge or fused appliqué, and quilting the pictorial quilt. See combo pack in my web store. Book is $ 22.00. The DVD is $ 26.00. Save $ 6.00 when buying the set for $ 42.00