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Fabric paint crayons.

See FREE video below.

15 Swiss made professional paint crayons. Wonderful for use on fabric/ART quilts.Set includes instructions.  Light fast and easy to use. These crayons do not dry out or get gummy like fabric paints. The crayons last forever with very vivid pigments.  You can paint right in your studio with no need for ventilation like dyes.  I use these every day in my work. They sit right on my applique table, with a spray bottle of water so I can deepen a color, change the hue of a print or over-dye fabrics that I love the print or texture but the color is just not right. These crayons augment and increase your fabric stash. I have been using them for over 7 years on my competition quilts.

Dry technique will allow you to paint very specific areas with control and no bleeding.

Wet technique will allow you to use them like watercolors. Great for over dying and adding hi-lights, shadows, colors in water or sky/clouds. Use the angle brush for painting small details or adding natural hi-lights and shadows to your applique pieces.

 I don't wash my art quilts. These are not recommended for repeated washing"
( If you needed to wash these painted fabrics to remove something like quilt markings do so with Synthopol and a delicate cold water setting.)

 Video introduction to using these crayons is included in the free videos on my web site and YouTube channel.