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inktense fabric brush set

 Your kit comes with 6 Inktense pencils and 3 specialized scrubber brushes in 3 sizes. These brushes yield the best results for using inktense on fabrics.

Inktense pencils deliver vibrant and versatile colour. Perfect for a variety of projects, the watersoluble Inktense pencils can be applied wet or dry to fabric to achieve different effects.

  • Pencil provides added control for fine detail. Round 8mm barrel; wide 4mm core.
  • Ink-like pigments come alive when fabric medium is added. Apply dry pencil to dry fabric and paint over with the special scrubber brushes to "POP" the color and set the ink.
  • Apply dry pencil to fabric that has been made wet with fabric medium when you want to layer and blend colors. 
  • Colour becomes permanent once dry leaving an ink-like stain. Inktense can be layered.
  • Inktense watersoluble, soft texture pencils are highly blendable
  • Ideal for use on a variety of surfaces including ceramic, wood and fabric as well as paper.

Watch the free video on my YOUTUBE Chanel. My favorite fabric medium is Liquitek.