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Owl kit for East Cobb Quilters


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This kit is only available to students registered in the East Cobbb Quilters Guild Audubon Owl Apliquick class.
The kit includes - $ 13.95 pattern, handout for templates for other two owls,  
all 14 fabrics for all three owls, glue surface, glue stick and sample apliquick piece. Templates for the top owl have all the Apliquick templates already ironed to the fabric to save you class time. You will get right to turning your edges.

Apliquick tools are required for this class. Avaliable from instructors web store or bring your own.

Basic Apliquick tool kit - (58.00)  (although the standard kit has wonderful tweezers to help place small feathers!)
Apliquick turning rods, 1 unit of Apliquick interfacing, glue pen with one refill.

See this YouTube video for an introduction


Please bring the following items to class or purchase from instructor

Small applique scissors
applique pins
thread to match your owls. beige and medium brown.  A silk thread pack is available for purchase with a light beige and a medium brown in the kit area
Optional -Owl silk thread pack is available under the Owl kit for purchase.

Students are REQUIRED to have Apliquick supplies,

  • Apliquick turning rods

  • 1 unit. of Apliquick interfacing.

  • Glue pen