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1 unit Apliquick interfacing

One unit now is approximately 36 inches x 21 inches
of  lightweight Apliquick interfacing.  This is larger than it was in the past. (35.5 x 18.5)

It has one side that irons onto your fabric for ease of cutting the desired shape. It is used for the Apliquick method of appliqué. ( Oh, so very easy) You just leave it in for bed quilts or art quilts. It's a light weight stabilizer is all. The glue you use washes out. I trimmed the backing from a block (that I appliqued a cardinal on top of) to see if it could be removed if you wanted. I was able to peel it back and remove it except in the seam lines but I don't feel like I will need to do that. It will just add a nice stabilization so that the quilting will have extra definition. Use a fine point sharpie marker or soft pencil to make your pattern lines directly onto the shiny fusible side. "No need to use the mirror image!!!" Draw each required shape. Cut out of foundation paper directly on your line. Iron on to the wrong side of your fabric. Cut shape out of fabric with approximate 3/16 seam allowance. Lightly glue the inside edges and use your turning rods to press over the foundation paper for a PERFECT finished shape ready to applique to your background. Washable and dry cleanable. Leaves a very soft light weight woven interfacing. See free video.

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