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Dancing Cranes

This is a large pattern 35 x 42, designed to accommodate all of the details in these amazingly beautiful birds. The pattern is for the mating pair of cranes only. You are free to create the background scene of your choice. The instructions are extensively detailed and easy to follow. A fabric list is included. Finished this quilt creates a dramatic image perfect for your home, office or as a very special gift. Red crowned cranes are an endangered species. They stand 4-5 feet tall and weigh between 15 and 20 pounds. They can be found in marsh lands.


If you need help with applique techniques consider adding my 1 hr and 45 minute DVD on "Multiple ways to Applique." It demonstrates 5 different methods of applique. Sizing and Starch is my go to method for simple shapes like leaves, that do not need to be precise.  Freezer Paper allows you to make sure that you get a birds head to look like the pattern.  Needle Turn is the only way to deal with tiny complex edges. Fused saves time and may be the only reasonable way to make a tiny eye or little branch that is too small to turn under your edges. Machine Applique gives added definition and can be used for turned under edges or raw edges.