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Ink tense 7 piece color set.

Ink tense pencilsare a wonderful addition to your art medium collection. This 7 piece set includes 6 basic colors and one scrubber fabric brushes that are the best for this technique.

These hard edge pencils can be used for outlining or adding rich, intense colors to create a vivid translucent effect. More opaque than the Neo Colors, once dry, the color is permanent and can be worked over with other media. 

You can also make the fabric painting effect look more like watercolor, acrylic, or ink depending on whether you activate it with water or textile medium and the amount you use of either.

 The harder you press, the bolder the colors will be. 

  • Color can be applied to dry fabric and then blended with textile medium, or dip the pencil itself into textile medium to outline a shape. Try both methods to see what works best for you. 
  • Wash over dry color with a little water to get an ink-like effect. 
  • To keep the colors fresh, clean the tip of your brush when changing colors. 
  • Dampening the colors with a layer of textile medium makes them pop. 
  • Layering colors while the base color is still damp makes the colors more vibrant. 
  • I use Liquitex Fabric Medium to make the colors permanent. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid disappointment. Available at Michael's or