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Summer Lighthouse pattern

  23 x 21 without the borders 
Perfect for Beginners. Raw edge or turned eye appliqué. See the Learning landscapes DVD for complete step by step construction of this quilt as you watch over Kathy's shoulder to see her put this beautiful wall hanging together.
Specific Fabric Suggestions for the Summer Quilt. The Stonehenge line of fabrics or batiks work beautifully for the rocks. Use a variety of prints for your foliage area. This will make a more visually interesting composition. Remember, everything gets more MUTED in color and grayer in value as it recedes towards the background. Choosing your fabrics accordingly will greatly enhance the sense of depth and perspective in your work. Creating distance across a large body of water requires that you change the value or mood of the water as it recedes into the distance and approaches the horizon line. I changed the water in the front bay to make it calmer and darker. You can achieve this effect by strip piecing lighter and darker complimentary water fabrics together. Another method is to appliqué strips of different fabrics together with gentle curves along the top edges as I have done. The easiest method of all is to use the fabric paint crayons. (See Resources, page??) Over dye a darker color onto your lighter color water fabric as you come forward into the bay area.