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2023 - Zoom Workshops by Kathy McNeil
1hour lectures
3 and 6 hour workshops

Spirit Owl - UNIT applique -  6 hour workshop (Zoom workshop only 2023)
Apliquick tools required.   Bring your Apliquick tools or purchase a Basic kit from instructor. $58.00

Let this wise old owl teach you how easy appliqué can be. Learn to turn your edges with the new Apliquick system.  Turn your edges over Apliquick interfacing which remains in your piece, creating additional dimension. Precision with small shapes has a swift learning curve with this system.  The Apliquick method is sweeping the appliqué world.Enhance the visual impact of your owl by adding details with embroidery stitches. She will be created as an independent unit ready to fly onto any block or scene. As personal totems, Owls offer inspiration and guidance necessary to explore the magic of life.

Owl pattern and fabric kit Required: $28.00

Includes pattern and all thirteen fabrics for your owl. Many of the template shapes have already been cut out with a seam allowance ready to turn the edges.
Apliquick basic tool kit - Includes set of Apliquick rods, glue pen, one refill and 1 unit of Apliquick interfacing.

See this YouTube video for an introduction

watch on -







Applique the Easy Way, 3 hour Zoom 
Apliquick tools required.

$ 22.00 pattern and fabric kit required: includes 14 fabrics, and prepared Apliquick template shapes for the top owl is required for Zoom workshops
Zoom workshops - Patterns and fabric kits may be ordered before the workshop by the guild as a group, or students can use my web store to order their own.

 Let these adorable little owls show you how easy the NEW! APLIQUICK SYSTEM of turning your edges can be.  Pattern from Kathy's Award winning quilt - Audubon’s Christmas. Each little owl is created as a unit off block. Enhance the visual impact by adding embroidery and embellishments. 

Click here for materials list and class description.




Zoom workshop introduction to art media for quilts, including inktense pencils, watercolor crayon paints, and foiling. 

3 hour workshop

This playful, art sampler workshop, will introduce you to the joys of using different art mediums to enhance your quilting projects.

Kathy will demonstrate, Ink tense pencils, transparent water color paint crayons for over dye-ing and shading, opaque paints, painting PFD fabrics and large pieces with Seta silk paints,  and foiling.  Practice painted appliqué on your pre-printed fabric seahorse blocks. We will discuss how to use each of these wonderful options on your next quilting project.

Required kit fee $30.00

Includes - Pre printed Sea horse block.( on Kona Cotton) pre fused,Set of 6 Ink tense pencils, 3 fabric brushes, sealed container of fabric medium, piece of foil, instructions and project bag.

Supply list for students to have at home

Finding your own creative voice.

3Hr.  ZOOM workshop
There is no limit to the amount of students in this workshop.

Let me help you Hear your unique Visual Voice. 

Together we will analyze the elements of design that particularly appeal to you. Learn how to incorporate those elements into your own quilts. What we like is very subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so there are NO right and wrongs, only a clearer understanding of what appeals to us. We look at a wide range of diverse quilts by other artist and myself and discuss together which ones appeal to different people and why that is. Approaching design this way has taught me so much about what it is I want to incorporate into my own designs and layouts.

This workshop will help you to add; movement, depth and balance to your composition. “ Visual Impact” the first impression every viewer will have of your quilt. Learn the language of design to help you analyze what captivates viewers.  Many say this class helped them see like an artist.  

Deepen your understanding of lay out, design and fabric choices. Make the most of your contemporary or traditional quilts, by paying attention to color, value, shape, line and contrast.  



Great Blues the Easy, New Apliquick way.
6 hour Zoom workshop .

Beginners to intermediate.  Finished quilt size: 22 x 29 for the full scene shown in the pattern.          

 Let’s make one of these beautiful Herons together. Learn the EASY, new Apliquick method of turned edges. This method is sweeping the appliqué world because it is easy to learn, precise and quick. We will use special Apliquick interfacing for our template material. Edges will be swept over the interfacing and left in place, unlike freezer paper that has to be removed.  You will love the extra loft and dimension this adds to each feather. 

 Pre view a video this technique


Your beautiful birds will be made as free objects, ready to place on the background scene or use as a focal block of your new quilt.

 No need to have your background ready before class.



Sea Turtle -
6hr Zoom workshop 
Beginners to intermediate.  


 Fast, fun, and Oh so Beautiful. Step into the world of pictorial quilting. Add novelty fussy cut images to personalize your under the sea quilt. Choose from two beloved animals. Learn the steps of layered appliqué. Kathy will teach the easy turned edges Apliquick method for the turtles

Click here for class description

 Workshop includes:
Tips for Basic pattern making for all sea critters using base shapes. 

 Shading objects to increase the sense of form using my favorite paint crayons.

 Choosing fabrics for pictorial work

 Adding 3-D texture and objects to your coral reef including sea fans made completely with thread. See attachment

 Quilting designs for pictorial quilting.

Sea Turtles -
attern fee, $13.95   Turned/ finished  edges with the Apliquick method.  See required tools for this method.
You will need to collect your own fabrics. See pattern for list.

Pajaro Valley Zoom workshop link



Razzle Dazzle those Borders

3 hour lecture style workshop.
There is no limit to the amount of students for this workshop.

Learn to add dynamic visual interest and excitement to your borders. What inspires border designs? How can you be more original?
Multiple examples will be shown along with a discussion about basic construction options.
Let's do more than frame or enlarge those quilt tops. Let's put some pizzazz into your that final piece!
Materials list-  3hour - Note taking pen and paper.
For a 4 hour workshop we have time for the group to look at Quilt tops for border ideas after the presentation. We will take as many of these as time allows.

Click here for workshop description